SSSE SC Student Life

Orientation Conducted Online To Welcome Freshmen, To Introduce School, SC

Last August 18, 2020, the School of Social Sciences and Education Student Council conducted a freshman online orientation titled PSY101: Life Hacks in Mapua via MS Teams. The goal of this event is for the freshmen to know more about their program and to meet their future professors and officers from the SSSE student council and Mapua Psychological Society.

In this event, the freshmen were asked to wear their status as the student council shared some tips and advice on how to survive as a psychology student. There are three activities which the student council has prepared for this event. The first game is titled Show Me, an online version of the classic game Bring Me. Next is the Psy-connect, where the students had the chance to connect to their future professors and officers using messenger. And lastly, one lucky winner will be chosen to win the prize that is sponsored by Mapua University.


Despite the pandemic, the SSSE Student Council will follow its endeavors and continuously create an event that can make the freshman feel welcome and important.


The School of Social Sciences and Education Student Council presented the It’s Okay project last August 28, 2020. The main purpose of this project is to remind everyone that the opinion of other people on how you care for yourself does not mean that your decisions are wrong. Choosing what is best for you and your mental health is always valid especially to the difficulties people are facing at the moment.

            They emphasize that there is no wrong in prioritizing one’s self and that the right thing to do is doing what is right for one’s self for the sake of one’s stability. That it’s okay to disregard the say of other people. And it will always be okay because no one but you can choose the best for you and your well-being.

            Recently, the SSSE Student Council has finished the It's Okay series and is also delighted that it reached almost 3,000 people. The SSSE student council is filled with excitement to share the following series this coming term.

Psychometrician, mental health advocate talk in Psychological Society’s mental health webinar   

The School of Social Sciences and Education and Mapúa Psychological Society has conducted a webinar on mental health titled I'm Glad You Exist via Zoom on October 03, 2020 to spread care and awareness during Suicide Prevention Month. There were two speakers for this webinar. The first is Ms. Justine Reyes, who is a licensed psychometrician and is known for her placing eighth in the Psychometrician Board Examination last 2018. The second is Ms. Kates Ante, a mental health advocate and the founder of Kapit Pinas.    

            In this webinar, mental health was discussed as a political issue which must be addressed by authorities, "you are not loved" is enough but must be felt, and sharing of one's experiences have powerful impact for it gave us power to empathize with other people and find support that is the same with us. Students who attended the webinar said that the webinar gave them knowledge about what is mental health and they were also encouraged to help others, too. "This helped me in understanding what is going through the mind of someone who is depressed or having suicidal thoughts." The webinar was very insightful. It tackled how social and environmental factors, biological factors, and psychological factors all affect our mental health. This is one of the most enjoyable and informative webinars I have ever attended.”

Online Kapihan organized to help profs, students cope during ‘new normal’

The Online Kapihan event that occurred back in October 17, 2020 started with the idea of having a friendly group to talk and open up to from time to time, but with the implementation of strict quarantine protocols, we do not have the luxury to talk to people in person anymore. That is why the School of Social Sciences and Education (SSSE) Student Council has decided to facilitate numerous online sessions where both students and professor could talk to one another, not as students, not as professors, but rather, as simply and candidly a group of random people willing to get to know each other and serve as listeners. A total of five rooms with each having at least two student council members and one professor to facilitate the room were put up. Participants were then allowed to choose whichever room they want without knowing who will facilitate.

            The event Online Kapihan has proven to be a success as participants got to know the SSSE Student Council and their professors, they also got to talk about their problems in a general manner. Throughout the event, everyone managed to share something about themselves and how they are coping with the ‘new normal’. Everyone got to know each other and somehow acted as if they were talking to old friends, which does not fail to make the session more comfortable and welcoming to those who participated. The Online Kapihan event had participants turn emotional in tears as they shared and comforted their fellow Mapuans, and they were mostly happy as not only did they feel the warmth of having friends around them but they also found new friends and families during this new normal.