Message from the Dean

               Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan
                          Dean, SSSE

Social sciences and education are the foundation and pillar of a contemporary, forward-looking society. Social sciences tell us how the society works, how it becomes, how it thinks. Social sciences weave in many important thoughts about the society and its dynamism, particularly, the unspoken structure behind it. As such, aside from gaining understanding of the society, it also evokes appreciation for the multi-facetedness of belonging and doing together offer. Meanwhile, education teaches the younger generation how to live and further contribute in the society where they belong. Education connects the present to the future. Needless to say, it is pivotal in taking the society forward, in achieving the visions it sets for itself.

The School of Social Sciences and Education (SSSE) of Mapua University is at a most potent and significant position in the Philippine and global society as it speaks about these two major disciplines, fields of expertise, and professions. In its two years of existence, it has positioned itself as a most valuable resource for teaching, research, and service in social sciences and education. Belonging to the prestigious Mapua University, it lives the long tradition of excellence the university is known for. Currently, the School runs four degree programs which allows students to earn Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Science degree  in Educational Technology, and also Master of Arts degree in Psychology.

The School is host and home to experts in their field respected not only nationally but also globally, evidenced by the scholarly works and contributions they have produced not only in the Philippines but also elsewhere in the world. But I am most especially proud of the composition of our students — they have always been a most passionate group, always thirsting for knowledge and driven to serve. Looking at them, and seeing them grow, I am compelled to believe that the Philippines and the world will have a steady source of competent social scientists and educators in the many generations to come. And so, I invite you all to come, visit, and join us at the School of Social Sciences and Education here in Mapua University. We would like to know you more and see how we could work together collaborating in making social sciences and education even better for the Philippine and global society.

Viva SSSE! Viva Mapua!