Bachelor of Science in Educational Technology

This program provides undergraduate students with a solid grounding on the dynamic relationship between technology and education and on the potent role of technology in enriching the teaching and learning process. The program aims to produce Educational Technologist who are flexible in the present-day set-up, so that through their foundation on technology and groundwork of education can become effective and relevant in the education industry in today’s fast paced and technology driven world.

The program has at its core the aim of equipping students with current trends on technology, which prepares them to become highly adept on the use of technology as a means of improving the teaching and learning processes in various areas of specialization (i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sports Science and Special Education).

Graduates of this program are primarily geared towards becoming Learning Management System (LMS) developers, Instructional Technology Consultants, Educational Research Assessment Analyst, and Technology Designers/Instructors.