Mapua’s School of Social Sciences and Education championing OBE with Association of Education Researchers and Trainers (ASSERT)

Mapúa University’s School of Social Sciences and Education (SSSE), in its pursuit of advancing quality education in the country, spearheaded the formation and establishment of the Association of Education Researchers and Trainers (ASSERT), a national organization composed of educators and education leaders from more than 30 affiliate colleges and universities in the Philippines.

Members are enthusiasts in the area of educational research and training, particularly in the area of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE). ASSERT and SSSE have accomplished two major collaborations by organizing successive national conventions (2017 and 2018) attended by hundreds of delegates from several higher educational institutions in different regions.

ASSERT in collaboration with SSSE and other partners organized the 2nd ASSERT National Convention (ANC) on OBE with the theme “Addressing the Challenges and Prospects of the New Philippine Higher Education Curriculum through Digital and Outcomes-Based Education”. The three-day convention was held at the City Garden Suites Manila last October 11 to 12 and at Mapúa University, Intramuros, Manila last October 13, 2018.

Three keynote speakers discussed the crucial aspects of the convention. Dr. Amelia A. Biglete, director of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Office of Programs and Standards Development (OPSD), delivered a talk on Reforms in Philippine Higher Education Curriculum. Dr. William Spady, world renowned “Father of OBE”, shared important insights on Transformational OBE’s Implications for Standards in Education. Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan, dean of Mapúa’s School of Social Sciences and Education also discussed the Digital and Outcomes-Based Education in Basic and Higher Education.

In photo: Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan (top left), Dr. Amelia A. Biglete (lower left), and Dr. William Spady (right) as keynote speakers of the 2nd ASSERT National Convention (ANC) held last October 11 to 13, 2018