Mapua delivers online course training for teachers of the new general education

Mapúa University offers a fully online training for teachers of the new General Education (GE) courses called the Responsive Outcome-Based Online Training (R.O.B.O.T). Headed by the Mapúa School of Social Sciences and Education (SSSE), the training aims to prepare faculty members in teaching the courses in the New General Education Curriculum (CHED Memorandum Order No. 20, s. 2013).

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has recognized Mapúa SSSE as the official Delivering Higher Education Institution (DHEI) for the Modified Second Generation General Education Training for Faculty Members. The approval and recognition was given through the Commission En Banc Resolution No. 200-2018.

Teachers of GE courses from all over the Philippines enrolled in the training are given access to interactive training modules. They can take self-administered assessments, read and download articles and presentation tools, as well as collaborate with certified GE trainers.

The approval of this bid was granted by CHED based on the successful project proposal presentation and demonstration delivered by SSSE dean Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan and SSSE coordinator for Center for Teaching-Learning Dr. Bernardino C. Ofalia. The pitch for the proposal was based on two premises: (1) the University’s capability to facilitate nationwide training using its state-of-the-art online facility, the Blackboard Learn; and (2) the University’s complete pool of CHED-certified GE trainers in the core courses of the new GE curriculum. The presentation was delivered in CHED’s Central Office in Diliman, Quezon City, during a joint meeting with the Technical Panel for GE and Office of Programs and Standard Development (OPSD) last April 2018.

“Teaching the new GE courses would require retooling of faculty members in terms of contents, strategies, and approaches. This was evident in the initial effort of CHED when they launched a series of trainings in which they intend to cover all GE faculty members nationwide. We were invited by CHED OPSD to make a proposal using our teaching-learning technologies and expert trainers to continue the plan to conduct nationwide training for faculty members who will teach the courses in the new General Education Curriculum,” said Dr. Macayan.

To date, only Mapúa University, through SSSE and Center for Continuing Education and Special Competencies, is the sole DHEI authorized to deliver the GE training nationwide.

Interested teachers may enroll to R.O.B.O.T. using this link: